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Fused Glass

From coasters to jewellery, lighting, vases, clocks and lessons, find that perfect gift- for him or her.

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another blue fused glass clock, mantel clock

fused glass mantel clock

Fused Glass

Fusing Glass is a process where you melt together separate pieces of glass to form one solid piece. It can then be shaped using moulds to make beautiful items.

blue fused glass wall light, lampfused glass desk, recovered from a dump, french polished, fused glass divers helmet and fused glass tiles to finish green fused glass wall panel

Each piece of Glass is totally Unique, therefore it is impossible to recreate a replica.

All kinds of items can be made including Bowls, Clocks, Coasters (another big specialty of Lorraine's) Place mats, Chimes, Wall Hangings and of course, Jewellery.

baby blue fused glass mantel clockfused glass bowl, small, with brown stripes

Final results can be quite unpredictable. Some photos can not quite capture the Brilliance and iridescence of this beautiful Formed Glass.

All of what you see here, and everything in Lorraine's Workshop is made at The Workshop, nothing is imported!

Don't forget to look at the lessons page- Lorraine offers lessons in Fusing Glass for beginners to intermediate level.

Learn how to make stunning Jewellery or design your own tiles! But please be warned- this is highly addictive!!