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stained, leaded glass door and windows

stained, leaded glass door and windows


restored stained glass to front door and side windows

restored stained glass to front door and side windows

Stained Glass Restoration and Commissions

The repair and restoration of church windows and residential stained glass is also a service provided at The Workshop. Lorraine can totally rebuild windows that have been distorted, or broken including matching missing glass with original colors and textures. All work is designed and manufactured in The Workshop to customer specifications, using traditional methods.
art deco stained,leaded glass windowsmall stained, leaded glass window, grape design leaded glass panel in the process of  being madestained, leaded glass squares panel, multi coloured










It is possible to repair cracked and/ or broken glass by gently opening the lead-work around the glass and replacing it with new glass without disturbing the rest of the window. The lead is closed up and the piece is then sealed and cleaned up.

Sometimes where damage is considered too extensive or where time has resulted in lead and joint corrosion- it is often necessary to remove an entire window or section of a window to undergo full stained glass restoration.

stained, leaded glass door and windowsstained glass window in the makingstained, leaded glass door and windows


Rubbings would be taken to document the original piece prior to it being stripped of some or all of the lead. Sound glass is cleaned and damaged glass is replaced before they are assembled with lead came, using the rubbings and soldered at the joints. Cement is brushed under the lead came on both sides to make the window water-tight and rigid. The window is then scrubbed with whiting powder. Finally any needed support bars are added.

Lorraine employs a professional window fitter who would remove, board up, and re-fit your window (included in the free estimate).